An odd looking stereohead, Infinity dislikes the way he looks and hardly brings a smile to his face. He doesn't like admitting he has issues that make him upset and doesn't look forward to any help at all. Needy and dependent, he clings on to Cloud, his partner, most of the time and brushes off problems in order to try to be "happy." Despite having Ohm and Cloud by his side, he always feels like he's alone and unwanted.







Infinity's best friend and cousin, seen more as a brother in fact. Ohm, being the dorky and adventurous stereohead he is, he's always interested in teaching his friends new things from the outside world. However, having been alone most of the time, he always feels the need to fit in and to belong by hanging out with Cloud and Infinity. He very much despises Cloud and his behavior, though.






Raised by the best Voxen Tin mechs there was, Cloud doesn't exactly represent the same attitudes and mannerisms they had unlike his respected brother. He's far more outgoing, has a huge temper, and embraces his crude behavior to an extent to where Infinity doesn't call him out on it. He enjoys having Infinity around, especially for some private times, unless of course, when Ohm is there, Cloud then keeps it in his crotchplate. He doesn't like having things his way, however.






Quence Negative
No one knows who the heck this guy is, only that he is often seen with a grin and his cigarette. Preferred to be called by his other name, Negative enjoys pastimes at the club and sits by alone without the need of friends for a good time. He isn't afraid to make approaches and make conversation, and he enjoys making people happy. Especially a particular bot he hopes to see again...






Yuv Hubbub
Commander of the Legionnaires, and Head of the Voxen Tin Security Agency, it is Yuv's duty to ensure the people of Voxen Tin are safe from any invasion or activities from the humans. He heavily loathes the humans and will stop at nothing to make sure they stay away. Beneath his hard-headed tv-head, he silently keeps away a dark void, a heart wrenching reminder of failure and consequence. 






 Miss Wave
Left to raise Infinity alone, she refused to become damaged and mopey and chose to move on forward with high hopes and a whole lot of optimism for herself and Infinity. Although she's gone through sad episodes of being single, she sought no need to keep looking for new partners and focused her happiness in seeing her son come so far, of course, without knowing he still keeps his sadness away from her.